Urban Singh Sophistication

Urban Singh Sophistication delivers a colourful burst to the fashion industry

Bow ties, braces and a graffiti infested backdrop – sounds like organised chaos right? I was so inspired by the last “big” shoot that I had to plan another one. Where the “Italians? Try Sikh Mens Fashion” shoot had the feel of grandeur and class, “Urban Singh Sophistication” gives you a flavour of a retro preppy look with pure sophistication. I wanted to open up people’s imagination with the burst of colour – and of course, make people feel proud of belonging to such an amazing community. The heartbeat of Singh Gentry is to inspire people all around the world. Since the “Italians? Try Sikh Fashion” shoot, I have seen so many people write some amazing things about it, including some powerful words of what it means to them. What does this mean for me? Well I feel so blessed, inspired and humbled when I see all of this – it leaves me speechless.

This was a secret location shoot – I didn’t even tell any of the guys where we were going to be shooting and lets just say that when we got there some of them looked as perplexed as those graffiti artists were when they saw dapper Singhs everywhere.

Being at home and spending some quality time with my family before my imminent departure for New York, has put me in somewhat of a reflective mood. I have spent time thinking about how my future rests in my own hands – how colourful can I paint my canvas? What sort of person will I be in a year?

Out of curiosity, I asked my family a question: with me going to New York, how do you feel about the future of Singh Gentry?

There were positive vibes in all of their responses and the look of excitement in their eyes. My brother summed things up when he said “This is a man with a vision of showcasing his values and style to the world, which grows beyond just a person but it becomes an ideology, a craze and a reference point for endless Sikh styling inspiration.”

Apart from making me smile, it confirmed something for me: Singh Gentry is having such a positive impact on all the people around me. I want to spread that and make history by putting Sikh Mens Fashion at the forefront of the fashion industry. The possibilities are endless in the big apple and I can only hope that people enjoy this journey with me and feel like they are a part of something special.

London, this is goodbye for now. I fly to New York tomorrow morning, and I will be based there for a year. so here is a parting gift for now which I hope you’ll enjoy. Share this photo shoot with your family and friends, and feel free to comment below – I would love to hear from you.

Time to go live the American dream, so I’ll see you tomorrow New York.

Urban Singh Sophistication - Singh Gentry

Urban Singh Sophistication – Singh Gentry

Urban Singh Sophistication - Singh Gentry

Urban Singh Sophistication – Singh Gentry

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