Styling Through Layering

Styling Through Layering - Singh Gentry

It’s been so cold in London over the past few months. Ever since launching Singh Gentry, I have only ever done photo shoots in the freezing cold. As you can imagine, I am really looking forward to the summer just for this reason alone. Photo shoots in the summer will be a new experience and I can’t wait to shoot with the New York Skyline as a backdrop. But while it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to lose your stylish edge, it just means you’ve got to adopt styling through layering when it comes to choosing your outfit.

Instead of reverting to those big thick comfy coats and jackets, try styling through layering. Wear clothes on top of clothes that will keep your look dapper. In the picture above, I am wearing a shirt and tie, and a thick knitted cardigan. There is an air of style through the shirt and tie, and a comfort finish with the cardigan. But what this look allows is for you to wear a classy overcoat or a trench coat. You will stay warm and yet look stylish. There are a few other accessories you can equip yourself with. A scarf wouldn’t go a miss, leather gloves and a holdall. I have left a few suggestions for coats in the links below. Check them out and share this post with those looking for an extra bit of inspiration to warm up their outfit in the cold days and night.

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