Power | The Double-Breasted Style

Power | The Double-Breasted Style

You know that old saying “Less is More” well whoever first coined that phrase definitely wasn’t talking about the double-breasted blazer. As far a High Mens Fashion goes, a double-breasted suit is the pinnacle of making a real statement in the menswear scene. In a time where Mens Fashion has made such great strides in the sartorial and street scene, there is always a question of how to top your last outfit, or generally refine your wardrobe with endless killer outfits. Well look no further than the DB!

It’s amazing how a little bit more fabric and a tight finish looks so powerful. The best thing is the double-breasted blazer’s versatility. You can dress it up or dress it down with a pair of jeans and boots. Check out the pattern and fabric mixture I have gone for here – and the perfect balance of colours for Autumn/Winter.

How To Wear The Double-Breasted Blazer:

  • Tight But Not Too Tight: remember, you want to ensure that the cut of your suit really accentuates your body shape but not to the point where you have some unwelcome creases in the blazer. If the double-breasted blazer is too tight it will show the pull on the buttons – not the look you want to go for!
  • One Button Will Do It: if it is a two buttoned DB blazer then it has the same concept as the single-breasted blazer with two buttons. Don’t spoil your power look by going ahead and doing something silly like buttoning up all the way down!
  • Explore The Combinations: maybe its a personal thing, but I feel like the DB gives me a lot more options when trying to find the right combination. The green knitted tie works beautifully with this look, but you can also try different shirt and tie combinations, or go for a tee underneath or perhaps own the room with a turtleneck top.
  • Wear It Like You Mean It: walk the walk and talk the talk when you slip into your power suit. People will know you mean business and in a world where trends seem to be the answer to fashion, show them that the top spot will always belong to the classic sartorial style.

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