Italians? Try Sikh Fashion

Sikh Fashion

Are Italians the best dressed men in the world?

This picture may suggest otherwise. It makes me feel so proud to be Sikh and stirs all the right emotions in me. Sikhs all around the world are so stylish and I really wanted to showcase that – and I hope it has been achieved with this picture.The style in which Singhs dress is an expression of our charisma, character, and the vibrant personalities that we all possess. I hope this inspires people all around the world to have the confidence to express themselves and to pursue the things that they are most passionate about and this makes a change and creates a storm for Sikh Fashion in 2015

When we all got to the shoot on a beautiful afternoon in London, I heard some of the guys remark how they were getting looks on the London Underground because of the way they were dressed – and that made me smile. We stand out and I am so proud of that.

With recent brands such as GAP, Louis Vuitton, Burberry or even street brand Adidas taking on Sikh models it shows that the Sikh Fashion has set its mark within the industry.

So share this picture with people who will be inspired by it and lets get Sikh Fashion out in the world and trending amongst the big trends! I would love to hear your comments below about what this picture means to you.

We do have a whole shoot that was done in the beautiful city of London, so keep a look out as more pictures from the shoot will be coming soon.

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