The Italian Way: Wearing The Perfect Suit With Canali

When you think Italian Luxury Menswear, you think Canali. A family-run company now in its third generation, the Canali brand has evolved since being established in 1934, and what remains at the heart of the brand is its Made In Italy excellence, which has dressed men in tailor-made luxury and Italian style men’s elegance for over 80 years. With over 1,600 employees worldwide, production centres located in Italy and 180 boutiques around the world, Canali has risen as one of the biggest names in Italian fashion and rightly so.

What makes Canali so successful today? Being one of my favourite brands, it truly resonates with me for its meticulous attention to detail, aesthetic appeal and continuously pushing the boundaries of sartorial styling. Although known for its suits, Canali’s offering in clothing, shoes and accessories ensures you are covered in all departments. And there is something special knowing that it is a family-run business, intricately blending the local culture of Italy with its rich history.

Canali Suits

A Canali suit is the cornerstone of the brand. If you are looking for fine Italian suiting, look no further than Canali. Providing the perfect cut, attention to detail and impeccable fit, it offers confidence and refinement that every gent should associate himself with. Some of my personal favourites can be found on the Canali website.


Blue Super 170S Wool Price of Wales Venezia Suit

Blue Super 170S Wool Price of Wales Venezia Suit


Pure Twisted Wool Venezia Suit


Dark Blue Pure Wool Venezia Suit With Macro Chalkstripes On Prince of Wales Check


From above we have the Blue Super 170S Wool Price of Wales Venezia Suit, which is a beautiful suit featuring the subtle use of checks and overchecks further highlighting the attention to detail. In the middle we have the Pure Twisted Wool Venezia Suit, which is produced with a luxurious twist of white, black and blue threads creating a dynamic look. The colour of this suit speaks elegance and offers a classic silhouette, making it a welcoming addition to your work wear wardrobe. Finally we have the Dark Blue Pure Wool Venezia Suit With Macro Chalkstripes On Prince of Wales Check. This suit offers a look of sophistication and a contemporary refinement of Italian suiting. If there was one suit which embodies my style, it will be this chalkstripe masterpiece – which I would pair with a burgundy tie to complete the look.

The World of Canali is infinite. If you are looking for that bit extra, then take advantage of the Su Misura Canali Made-To-Measure experience which allows you to create a suit unique to you. You will have the opportunity to pick the style, fit and fabric with one of Canali’s Made-To-Measure Specialists, and also add your unique touches on the small details like buttons, collars, cuffs and lining.

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