European Heatwave: What to Wear This Summer

As the heatwave spreads across Europe this summer, there is no hiding from the sweltering temperatures. That can make what to wear this summer a big challenge. Over the weekend we headed out to Bergerac in the southwest of France to attend the Garorock Festival in Marmande. Garorock is more than a simple music festival. It’s history dates back to 1997 and the 4 day festival provides a glimpse into the future of festivals. Music diversity is on show, measures are in place to reduce the environmental footprint and a dedicated space for entertainment has been created. With headliners like Marshmallow, DJ Snake, Christine and the Queens, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sum 41 and Macklemore, Garorock’s artistic direction has evolved through the years to stay close to a changing audience and promote music diversity.

Garorock Festival
Garorock Festival 2019

Stay Stylish Yet Cool

The festival was an incredible experience, much like our stay in a beautiful Gite (holiday house) in Esclottes. However, the temperatures were not for the faint hearted. While menswear has become far more dynamic – partly due to men exploring outside of their comfort zone – dressing in the summer months can be a frustrating task. With that in mind here are some of my suggestions for what to wear this summer to stay stylish and keep cool.


When it comes to staying cool in the summer, reach for the linen! Due to its comparatively lower thread count to cotton, linen is highly breathable and comfortable as it is less likely to cling onto your skin. Linen is also an extremely durable fabric and known as the world’s strongest natural fibre. This means that your linens are long-lasting and will continue to look and feel pleasant with every wear. One of the best things about linen is it is perfectly acceptable to see a few creases in the cloth as it adds to the character of it. It effortlessly provides a relaxed, lived in look which beautifully compliments the charm of summer.

Linen shirt
Massimo Dutti Linen Shirt

Opt for Looser Fits

Super slim and skinny fit seems to be the norm due to the popularisation of a tighter fit. However, there is nothing stylish about wearing something too tight and uncomfortable for you. In warmer climates opt for a looser fit. That doesn’t necessarily have to mean baggy trousers or a jacket a size too big. However it does mean choosing something that ensures breathability and comfort. Much like linen, a relaxed fit caters for those care-free summer vibes.

Relaxed Fit Oxford Shirt
Gant Relaxed Fit Oxford Shirt
Exploring the French Countryside

Embrace Summer Prints

Don’t we all love a summer print shirt, especially when it comes to festival season? No longer does the modern man need to turn to a mundane look in the summer. The short-sleeved button-down is a versatile choice for a summer shirt. A bold, fun print and colour can be worn in casual settings. While a more refined pattern can be dressed up for more formal occasions. Combined with a pair of tailored shorts it will only enhance your status of a dapper gent. The ideal settings for a print shirt will be at the beach, by the pool or at a festival.

Summer Print Shirt
Summer Print Shirt


Espadrilles are fast becoming the perfect choice for a summer getaway. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to pack, Espadrilles are a great alternative to an open-toed sandal. You can slip them off for a walk on the beach and effortless slip back into them in time for an evening for dinner and drinks. Espadrilles are a summer staple and must feature in every gentleman’s summer wardrobe.

Hopefully this helps you combat the rising temperatures while looking stylish over the summer. If you feel like you would like to discuss what to wear this summer, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me over instagram @singhgentry

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