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  • Singh Gentry

    Eastbourne: Travel With Ted

    Being a man constantly on the move, from city commuting to international travelling, it’s so important for me to have the ultimate holdall. Ted’s always said a bag says a lot…

  • Singh Gentry

    Paris, France

    Paris, France: The City of Modern Casual and Classical Grandeur It doesn’t take you long to appreciate the beauty of this great European city. Alas, there seems to be a permanent smell…

  • Singh Gentry

    New York, USA

    After spending a year in New York, it was always going to be a nostalgic feeling going back. Riding the subway and walking around knowing exactly where to go was a good…

  • img_5371

    Maine, USA

    It was a crisp November’s evening when Manu and I set off from Jersey City to Maine, USA in a car filled with fuel, outfits and snacks of course. The journey…

  • IMG_3028

    Venice, Italy

    The City of Romantic Enchantment A city built on water, can hardly fail to enchant people with its numerous bridges and network of canals which is the primary means of transport in…