A Night At The Sanderson Hotel

London is filled with hidden gems and offers more choice than you can ever imagine – and this is coming from a Londoner. But that’s what makes it such an exciting city to live in. We all compete (perhaps unintentionally) to find the best watering hole, the best barber shop or in this case a classy bar to relax and drink followed by resting in the most comfy bed in the city!

I was invited to the Garden of Eden party at the Long Bar in The Sanderson Hotel and stayed the night at this exceptional hotel. There is an air of class and quirkiness about The Long Bar and it’s accompanying Courtyard Garden which helps you to relax, unwind and enjoy the evening thanks to the great cocktails and general aesthetic of this bar.

The room – well where do I start. Perhaps the pictures below paint the best picture:

Singh Gentry
Singh Gentry


I really enjoyed the party and my overnight stay at The Sanderson Hotel. Positioned in the heart of Fitzrovia makes this a great location to stay during your time in London. You will be able to get around to all the major attractions and get your shopping done. And then, of course, the much needed pampering and Zzz you will need to do it all over again the following day. The service I received was great and although I wish I didn’t have to set my alarm for an early start the following morning, I’ve certainly found one of the most comfy beds in London! And nor will it be long before you catch me drinking away at The Long Bar again.


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