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    Eastbourne: Travel With Ted

    Being a man constantly on the move, from city commuting to international travelling, it’s so important for me to have the ultimate holdall. Ted’s always said a bag says a lot…

  • Singh Gentry

    Ice-Watch | 10 Years of Colour

    Ice Watch | 10 Years of Colour With 10 years under its belt, Ice Watch has stamped its mark on the watch industry with stylish and colourful timepieces. Founded in Belgium,…

  • Singh Gentry

    A Night At The Sanderson Hotel

    London is filled with hidden gems and offers more choice than you can ever imagine – and this is coming from a Londoner. But that’s what makes it such an exciting…

  • Singh Gentry

    Birthday Suit | Next

    What better way to bring in your birthday with a crisp Navy Signature Skinny Fit Suit by Next. 100% wool Italian fabric from Marzotto it provides a tight look with a…

  • pri17(108)

    Royal Ascot | Primark Man

    Introductions were made, helicopters were boarded and bets were placed! Primark planned the most incredible Royal Ascot experience and I was honoured to be a part of it along with fellow male…

  • Singh Gentry

    Suit Yourself | boohooMAN

    With the launch of their new tailoring range, boohooMAN have given gents an opportunity to explore a new world of suiting. From modern day classics like the double breasted blazer to…

  • Singh Gentry

    Paris, France

    Paris, France: The City of Modern Casual and Classical Grandeur It doesn’t take you long to appreciate the beauty of this great European city. Alas, there seems to be a permanent smell…

  • Singh Gentry

    Modern Classic

    Glasses do more than help you see crystal clear these days. In the modern day they also give people an insight into your eyewear choice and style. Glasses are a fantastic…

  • Singh Gentry


    Two colours is where most outfits start, but sometimes they tend to finish there too. For those who have been following my recent work you will know I really have been…